Olympia Quarter

The Olympia Quarter is an event campus at the heart of Tampere which is not affiliated with any of the big retail or restaurant chains. Its contemporary atmosphere is based on current cultural phenomena, varied and delicious food, a wide selection of quality drinks, and pleasant, customer-oriented service.


Muusa is a fine blend of international inspiration and local produce. It offers a great selection of foods and drinks for both everyday dining and special occasions, and a perfect setting to enjoy a night out on the weekend in a contemporary, stylish and personalised way.

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This 100-year-old former movie theatre provides an unforgettable setting in which to experience the hottest contemporary artists and cultural phenomena. Olympia is traditional and yet always topical. It strives to seek and discover the up-and-coming while adding spice to the long-since established.

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Tiisu, Sydän, sydän

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Antti Autio, Markus Perttula
Stepa & Heimo Ilman Menneisyyttä, Haamu, Tommi Pehmee
Moonsorrow, Loits (EE)