Muusa Tampere

Muusa restaurant

Food, drink and presence

Muusa’s greatest strength is its versatility. Dishes vary from small bites to full meals for both vegans and non-vegans. Its high-quality drink selection includes old classics and inspiring new wines and cocktails. A selection of almost 20 tap products keeps those thirsty for liquid refreshment and variety happy. The atmosphere in Muusa is casual, stylish and current, what it offers is outstanding and service is always attentive. Larger parties and their varying needs are catered for with ease. In the evenings on weekends, the hottest DJs set the rhythm for the night, and on Sundays folk are invited to enjoy a delicious and extensive brunch. Garden located above Muusa is a unique courtyard terrace which oozes a relaxed, Central European-style atmosphere. In summer, if offers a welcome break away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.
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At Muusa, what’s inside the present always trumps the wrapping. There’s a reason, a story, a purpose behind everything.
For a dish to look and taste delicious, it needs to be made from high-quality, well-thought-out ingredients. It has to contain something familiar, but also something surprising.
The perfect cocktail is a mixture of high-quality, professionally selected components that suit the customer’s palate.
When looking for just the right kind of wine or beer, the selection needs to be precise but also wide-ranging and varied.
At Muusa, everything is decided locally. We make the decisions, we define our selection and we meet our customers. When your only responsibility is to your customers and yourself, you can respond quickly to needs and changes. Service becomes adaptive and interaction immediate.

At Muusa, we make the decisions, we define our selection and we meet our customers.”

“Our customers make the restaurant,” says manager Eero Koiranen. “There are no typical customers, as there are no typical people. Everyone’s an individual with their individual needs, and every encounter’s equally important.”
At Muusa, the customer truly is the centre of everything.
For an evening to be memorable, it has to tickle all of the senses. The flavours, the music, the visual details, friendly and knowledgeable service and the feeling of joy, wonder and discovery are all important elements – Muusa elements.


Koiranen believes that although a good restaurant experience always involves at least a little escapism, the here and now are vitally important. You need to be able to respond even to the most demanding needs, but also to be able to surprise. Everything has to be top-class and easy to approach, but not too familiar or predictable. This paradox gives Muusa its creative energy.
If you’re afraid to challenge yourself, how will anyone else find you interesting?
“There are no norms when it comes to running a restaurant,” Koiranen says.
“We don’t feel compelled to categorise Muusa as a food, beer or wine restaurant. It can be all three, and more.”
And it is! In the evenings on weekends, the restaurant undergoes a transformation. The boundaries between different groups and the way they spend their evenings start to blur. After a delicious meal, customers can continue their evening over a drink, go upstairs to enjoy live music, or hang out in the bar while listening to some of the hottest DJs in town. The atmosphere is open and ever-changing as it’s defined by its customers – those who are present.


From the very beginning, Muusa’s culinary vision has been crystal clear: to combine rich, varied flavours with creative and sustainable cooking. The spirit of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African cuisines meets clean, local produce. Seasonal vegetables and other contemporary flavours are utilised wherever possible.
Sunday is brunch day at Muusa and offers a true cross-section of the restaurant’s culinary aspirations (including gluten-free and vegan-friendly options). Sometimes brunch is constructed around a specific theme: music lovers’ ‘Chill-out Sunday’, the Japanese-inspired ‘Dances with Sushi’, and our 100% vegan brunch, for example, have received great feedback.

When it comes to good, interesting food, peculiarity for its own sake is not enough: you need vision to create and compose the dishes.
Not everything needs to be turned completely upside down. Often it’s enough to introduce something new and flavoursome to a tried-and-tested recipe. The dish immediately becomes more intimate, more personal; you feel it, and so does the customer. And that’s what great food is all about.